Monday, August 5, 2013

Foundation Review: L'OREAL Nutri Lift Gold


Hi lovely's so i recently purchased the new L'oreal Nutri Lift Gold from my local chemist. The Nutri Lift Gold is a light weight formula foundation that nourishes the skin with moisture. The reason why its called the Nutri Lift Gold is because there are gold micro particles giving your skin a radiance boost.

I will be starting off with the preparation of my skin. First i will evenly spread my OLAY moisturizing cream for sensitive skin all over my face then apply a '5 cent' amount of my L'oreal SS anti-shine primer all over my face.

Next I will spray my Makeup Forever Mist and fix on my 414 foundation brush to make the foundation last longer.

I chose the colour 250 (sand sable) because I have a slight tan. They have many colours in their range, ranging from light, medium and dark skin.

I am loving this foundation! It is defiantly light weight , gives flawless coverage and can be build up to give more of a finish to the face. This would be great to wear for any occasion especially school or even parties. I find it gives myself a matte (no shine) foundation finish which is good cause I have a oily 'TZONE'. I would defiantly purchase this foundation.


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